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2BR Starter Home in Port Richmond for Less Than $100K

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This two-bedroom house in a traditional Philadelphia rowhome neighborhood might be the perfect first-time buy for a renter who is set on buying and plans to stay a little while. Though often lumped in with Fishtown and/or Kensington due to proximity of the river wards (hence the term Port Fishington), Port Richmond never really had the same kind of growth spurt Fishtown did, with flocks of young buyers coming into the neighborhood for the first time. That's why buyers can still score very good deals there, including this little 910-square-footer.
Some of the neighborhood perks? If your neighbors like you, they'll look out for you, and when holidays come around, you're guaranteed to see some excellent window decorations (see arrow). Just watch out for whatever that thing is beneath the covers on the bed. Make sure the current owners take it with them.

Size: 2 beds, 1 bath, 910 square feet
Parking: street
Outdoor space: backyard
Price: $84,999
· Listing: 3108 Miller Street [Redfin]