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Election Day Tip: Home of Walter Mondale's Nieces for $700K

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Built in 1906, this lovely home has a pretty political pedigree—making it perfect for Election Day. It was originally owned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice William Plumer Potter, who seems to be best known now for the fiction contest in his name at nearby Swarthmore College. Other political celebs who may have lived here: the twin nieces of Democratic senator and vice president Walter Mondale—who (aside from that failed run for president in 1984) was like the Justin Bieber of politicians; that's how hot! he was.

His nieces (he had many) are rumored to have lived here during the 1950s, a decade when Mondale finished college, went to war in Korea, went to law school and got married in Minneapolis. With all that going on, did he have time to visit Swarthmore? In other words, was this home inhabited—even for a few hours—by a presidential candidate? It's possible.

But even without this brush with fame, this house is worth a good look—or three. Swarthmore is a charming and neighborhoody town with good schools and easy access to Philly. The old trees, expansive grass lawns and historic homes make it very pretty in spring or under a blanket of snow. Perhaps because it's a college town, it has many Mt. Airy-like attributes: a food co-op; people wearing Danskos; Subarus with "whirled peas" bumper stickers. Etc.

According to the listing, the owners have made upgrades to the house without removing the historic materials. The hardwood floors, for instance, are original but have been sanded, treated and sealed.

Size: 5 beds, 3 baths, 3,226 square feet
Extras: Fireplace; hot tub; 2-floor garage
Bonus for those without Subarus but with super comfy Danskos: R3 station, Swarthmore College, restaurants and shops are all within walking distance.
Price: $719,900
· Listing: 119 College Ave., Swarthmore [Century 21]