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Despite the Fauxcoco and Flock of Swag, We See Potential

It's simply never a good idea to do fake rococo (or fauxcoco, as we call it) on a low budget. It's hard to get away with in any case, but it can be adventurous fun if the decorator is a mad genius. In Packer Park, it's going to be hard to make any little sliver of rococo work, especially when a home suffers from Decorative Identity Disorder. You have a few rococo touches here, a few baroque flourishes there, some oddly placed Greek columns and—hello there!—a mid-century modern dresser? It hurts the brain.

This home is further hampered by mirrors that simply shouldn't exist; a mantel that's decorated with part of Stevie Nicks' old touring outfit; a giant doily that appears to be savaging the dining room table; and a kitchen whose small window has been beswaggled. (Is there a collective noun for swag? There should be).

Oddly, there's one room upstairs that reveals none of this dramatic flair; it feels almost Zen. But go into the master bedroom, and the design conflicts come back—now abetted by that discordant dresser. No running, kids: You could poke an eye out with that bed.

Still, if you like Packer Park and living on a suburban-style cul de sac, this is a good deal. Strip out the decor, and you're left with really good bones. The kitchen isn't bad, the backyard patio is especially nice for outdoor meals, the carport's a great convenience, and the downstairs has a nice open feeling.

Size: 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,718 square feet
Outdoor space: Front yard, back patio
Parking: Rear carport
Price: $349,000
· Listing: 1815 Hulseman Street [Trulia]