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School in East Falls/G-town Dustup: the Broker Confused Us

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By Virginia C. McGuire

Olde City Day School, the daycare center opening its third location later this fall in Germantown, said they didn't mean to deceive anyone by advertising that the new school was in East Falls.

"The East Falls thing was not a marketing ploy," said William Caper, who handles marketing and expansion for the school, which is owned by his wife, Dana Meade.

He said the broker who found the location for them described it as being in the "East Falls/Germantown area." The management, not being familiar with the area, assumed it was in East Falls.

"I'm sorry," said Caper. "You'll probably see it changed [on the website] in the next day or two, so we can be a part of Germantown."

The new school will open its doors in early December, depending on when the necessary state inspections are completed. The other school locations have been in operation for about two and a half years, Caper said. He said he and his wife have noticed a disparity between the quality of care offered in the suburbs and the quality of care offered in the city. The school is attempting to change that by offering high-quality care in urban neighborhoods—including Germantown.

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