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It's Unanimous: Neighbors Love the New King of Jeans

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According to the Passyunk Post, developer Max Glass got unanimous—and enthusiastic—support from the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association zoning committee for his final plans for the Building Formerly Known As King of Jeans. A couple of things have changed since Glass first conceived the project, so here's the current breakdown:

· Five floors total
· Nine apartments
· Ground-floor: retail
· Second-floor: office space
· Roof deck
· Indoor bike storage

Don't expect all nine of the new residents to have cars; three of the units don't allow the use of parking permits.

The Post is puzzled by the neighbors' decision to limit access to the building's roof deck:

Residents can't use it after 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturdays. We're not sure how much noise the two-story neighbors would be able to hear from atop a five story building, but hey, at least the damn thing got approved with unanimous support. Does this mean we have to stop calling it King of Jeans?

· Neighbors Put Restrictions On Roof Deck At New King Of Jeans Building [Passyunk Post]