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Should a Seller Disclose a Home's Gruesome Past?

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There are plenty of legendarily horrible things that have happened in Philadelphia homes, turning them from ordinary living spaces into reminders of mayhem. Gary Heidnik's Hunting Park "House of Horrors" (right) comes to mind, as does the Powelton Village apartment where Ira Einhorn killed Holly Maddux. Then there's the Society Hill home where a Cask of Amontillado-like story played out, and the West Philly home where the Lex Street Massacre occurred. And don't get us started on MOVE.

So it's a reasonable question for a squeamish buyer to ask: Should the seller disclose if something gruesome happened in the house they've put on the market? Are they obliged to legally? And what are the new owner's rights if the house turns out to be...haunted? NEast Philly nails it down.

· Does a Seller Need to Disclose a Haunted House? [NEast Philly]