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Stephen Starr Empire Dips Toe Into Gingerbread Industry

Think chefs and homebuilders don't have much in common (aside from the show Kitchen Nightmares With Bob Vila)? Think again. Starting next week, miniature buildings crafted by star food folks (and Starr food folks) will spend a month on display at Liberty Place. Each one is a reproduction of a historic site in Fairmount Park, and all are made of gingerbread.

Here are some of the featured sites and their creators: Laurel Hill Cemetery by chef John Gallagher of the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College; Mount Pleasant by STARR Events' Frederic Larre; Smith Memorial Playground by Peter Scarola of R2L; Strawberry Mansion by Angela Tustin of Plate Restaurant & Bar; Woodford Mansion by Thomas Heck of Davio's; and several others.

The Fairmount Park Holiday Gingerbread House Display Is Back At The Shops At Liberty Place