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Countdown to Tragedy? Photos of Church of the Assumption

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[Photos by Laura Kicey.]

The ominous orange notice posted on the historic Church of the Assumption reads "Demolition activity shall not commence prior to Dec. 11, 2012." That doesn't mean it must commence on Dec. 11, so we're holding out hope that it won't. The Callowhill Neighborhood Association—which has been ceaselessly fighting the good fight to preserve the church—has filed an appeal with L&I, in addition to the state appeal they're filing with the state. Samuel Stretton, the group's lawyer, told the Inquirer last week "that he might file an injunction or seek another way to block the demolition." (Well, we'd hope so. That's the whole point.) Meanwhile, here are some more photos of the 1849 church—the site of Katherine Drexel's baptism—designed by famed ecclesiastical architect Patrick C. Keely. Just in case.

Church of the Assumption

1123 Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA 19123