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Is Gladwyne's Scandalous 'Teen Cribs' Home Under Contract?

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You may remember the saga of Main Line developer Michael Pouls, whose daughter Samantha essayed a rather naive turn on MTV's Teen Cribs (it was clear she could have used a stint in a soup kitchen to understand her place in the world). After that, the family was rocked by "scandal"—of the Main Line variety, at any rate—which focused on the way the Pouls' other daughter was being treated at school and their alleged attempt to get rid of her teacher.

Whatever really happened, Philadelphia magazine published an article about the insular dustup that made Michael Pouls and wife Sheryl sound somewhat craven and ridiculous, and as fast as you could say "Juicy Couture Marie Antoinette bat mitzvah theme" (Samantha's), Michael Pouls was charged with fraud by the federal government. Not good.

The family put their 6-bedroom, 15,00-square-foot McMansion on the market. The $22 million $17 million asking price failed to persuade buyers, despite an indoor pool, an observatory, an ice cream parlor, a game room, an elevator, a 20-seat home theater, an outdoor pool, a pool house—and so on. The home hit Curbed Philly's PriceChopper Hall of Fame after a stunning series of price cuts that ultimately took the asking price down to $3.8 million—which seems to have done the trick. A tipster tells us the troubled home is finally under contract, and the Pouls clan can probably move forward with a new chapter in their lives. Let's just hope it's not Chapter 11.
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