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First Look: Iroko's LEED-Friendly Headquarters at the Navy Yard

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[Photo by Laura Kicey.]

Iroko Pharmaceuticals has been at the Navy Yard for five years, but its new building there is a huge expansion: At 56,412 square feet and four stories, it will serve as the company's global headquarters. It was built with mostly locally sourced materials and to conform with LEED Gold certification standards. It also has a whimsical presentation of snacks in the kitchen—are those bottles supposed to look like the ones you see in doctor's offices? Employees have access to gym facilities, as well as intermittent mid-century modern design touches. Mayor Micheal Nutter spoke at the grand opening yesterday, saying the stuff that mayors say at such moments: "economic momentum," "job growth" and "what kind of drugs do you make, exactly? Any samples?" Iroko also announced a good citizenship initiative: a scholarship for local public school kids who go to Penn for science.


4747 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19112