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Restaurant Chain Ousts Soap Store, Which Ousts Clothing Store

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We think Lush would make a good name for a wine and spirits store, but it's actually an international chain of cosmetics and soap stores. The local store closed its doors at 1428 Walnut Street in August and reopened half a block away last Saturday, taking over the space vacated by hipster clothing chain Brooklyn Industries.

"We have stores in 41 countries," says Lush employee Jared Kyser, who must be pleased with his job because, he says, the chain prides itself on scorning suppliers who test on animals—or treat their employees badly. Better yet, says Kyser, "our stuff smells awesome."

Why did the store move? Lush employee Paige Hoehl heard that the Cheesecake Factory was opening a new restaurant at 15th and Walnut and needed their space. The Cheesecake Factory's website still shows Willow Grove and King of Prussia as the nearest locations, but it could be nice to have a place to bring our suburban relatives for dinner when they visit us in the big city. In the meantime, we've heard vegan soaps make great stocking stuffers.