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Basement Bar, 4 Recliners and a Wall Mural in the Northeast

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Poor 7863 Lorna Drive. Even the name of the street is glum and forlorn(a). It brings to mind someone who collects spoons or shot glasses (or whatever those things in the kitchen are) and sits in a recliner in front of a Walk in the Woods wall mural. It easily conjures a sparsely stocked, wood-paneled basement bar, photographed through a smoky haze, with a card table covered by a plastic tablecloth and surrounded by mismatched chairs. And yet, there's something rather poignant about this home as well. Notice that there are two recliners in front of the mural. Two sinks, soap dishes and hand towels. Two recliners in the basement bar. It is a home built for two—and, we suppose, the couple who inhabits the twins beds as well as the baby who lives under the miniaturized frame cluster in the nursery. The purple stuffed animal in the master bedroom? The coup de grace on Lorna Drive. We hope its name is Lorne.
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