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10 Lessons Learned from the FT's 'Taste of Philly'

London's Financial Times published an article/advertorial called "A taste of Philly" in its House & Home section last week. Here are 10 things we learned from the Brits about our town.

1. People in Philly are not from Poland or Puerto Rico. "The most surprising thing about Philadelphia is that everyone seems to hail from somewhere else. Not Poland or Puerto Rico, but New York, Boston, Texas."
2. The US is still seen as the UK's baby—literally. "Subsequently, the US may have used a blunt knife to cut the umbilical cord with Great Britain..."
3. Philadelphia has an ethic: "'The Philadelphian ethic is both generous and discreet...'"
4. Philadelphia is the soul of humility. "[Penn's] Quaker principles of modesty and philanthropy persist."
5. It's okay about our skyline. "Philly's skyscrapers may not rival those of New York and Chicago, but the city's architecture is refreshingly eclectic."

6. Even our skyline is the soul of humility. "For a long time, humility restrained the aspirations of skyscrapers that refused to stick their necks above the giant bronze statue of William Penn..."
7. The South of South neighborhood naming problem persists. "South of South Street is home to a large Italian community, with its thriving market (and cheesesteak establishments)..."
8. Bohemians live in a place called Old Town. "A walk east of Rittenhouse towards the Old Town...sees warehouse conversions around 3rd and 4th Streets, to create large 'boutique condo' residential spaces in demand with a more bohemian set."
9. Northern Liberties may be hip, but it's not chic. "Nearby, west of the industrial, yet-to-be-chic Northern Liberties district, a 5,000-plus sq ft Victorian-era house can be had through Sotheby's International, for $699,000."
10. Philadelphians mutter. "Despite mutterings of 'overpriced' in some quarters, the penthouse was quick to sell, for $12m."
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