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Top Green Initiatives; Post Bros. Buy on City Ave.; More!

PARKS AND TREE-LINED STREETSPhilly's top six green initiatives of 2012, according to Green Philly Blog, included the mayor's Tree Philly program, Park(ing) Day Philly and the bike-share announcement, which now dovetails nicely with the arrival of Bike Score. The bike-share program is drawing support in surprising quarters: the DN's Stu Bykofsky endorsed it, albeit with major reservations. [GPB, Daily News]
CITY AVENUEThe Presidential City apartment complex—the rather depressing, cross-shaped, mid-century site at 3900 City Avenue—has fetched $51 million from Post Bros. Apartments, aka Michael and Matthew Pestronk. The rentals currently range from $765 to $1,835. [PBJ]

THE FIERY PITS OF HELLWing Bowl 2013, Philadelphia's competitive eating event, is sold out. That is all. [CBS 3]