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Bike Score Arrives in Philly After Cyclists Get Out the Vote!

During National Bike Month, hordes of Philly cyclists—more than enough to terrorize columnist and bicycle-phobe Stu Bykofsky—voted for Philadelphia as a bicycling paradise, putting it in the top 10. What this means is that Philly now has the Bike Score service, an adjunct to Walk Score, which tells users how walkable a given neighborhood is. Bike Score assesses the bike-friendliness of streets, neighborhoods and attractions. As for the latter category, here's something interesting: Philly's Liberty Bell has one of the highest Bike Scores (96) of any attraction in the country. If cobblestones were factored in, however, that number would drop.

Here are the top 10 results:

#1 voted for city Cincinnati = Bike Score 37
#2 voted for city Austin = Bike Score 45
#3 voted for city Pittsburgh = Bike Score 39
#4 voted for city Philadelphia = Bike Score 68
#5 voted for city Miami = Bike Score 57
#6 voted for city Oakland = Bike Score 57
#7 voted for city Houston = Bike Score 49
#8 voted for city Los Angeles = Bike Score 54
#9 voted for city Eugene = Bike Score 75

#10 voted for city San Diego = Bike Score 48 · Bike Score Expands to 25 U.S. Cities [Walk Score]