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Untoward Ideas for Lower Lancaster Avenue Development

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[Photos by Michael S. Strickland.]

On Saturday a number of stickers appeared on a beautiful old drugstore at 36th and Lancaster; a medical center at 38th and Lancaster; and another building—this one for sale—at 39th and Lancaster. Each sticker says, "I wish this was" and allows creative passers-by to fill in the blanks. By far the most popular suggestion was some form of drug dispensary, mostly illegal drugs.
· "The owner of a recording studio and a good father"
· "Bagel shop"
· "President's house—Drexel"
· "Krusty Krab"
· "Abortion house"
· "Burnt to the ground"
· "Gun shop"
· "Strip club"
· "A place to kill time"
Somehow we don't think this is connected to the Lower Lancaster Avenue Revitalization Plan.