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Best Main Line Home for a Half-Hearted Mayan Apocalypse

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If the very credible, scientific reports are true, the world may end tomorrow. If it's like New Year's, where the magic hour is midnight, that means there's a whole day to find a spot to hunker down in case the world doesn't end definitively so much as as crumple into a scene out of Mad Max. We looked through our archives and chose this home as our No. 1 Place to Hang Out During a Half-Hearted End of the World. The vast equestrian estate has the following attributes that make it perfect for an extended stay in a world gone mad:

1. Two separate parcels on 72 acres—plenty of room in case internecine warfare breaks out among the refugees
2. An underground shooting range for practice, just in case zombies get annoying
3. A billiards room, swimming pool, tennis courts and bar area for mindless partying now that no one has a job
4. A 25-horse stall barn, heated wash stalls, outdoor riding areas and turnout paddocks, round pens and horseriding trails—all of which will be useful in the post-automotive era
· Listing: 912 Providence Road, Newtown []