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Bracket Review: South Philly Dominates the Final Four!

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The readers have spoken: The final four contenders are Rittenhouse Square, East Passyunk Crossing, Passyunk Square and Bella Vista. The tightest contests were between Rittenhouse and Wash West and Bella Vista and Society Hill. But look at Bella Vista! The little 'hood that could. These next two matchups should be very interesting, and what fun if East Passyunk Crossing ends up facing off against Passyunk Square. We've been assured the two civic associations will do nothing more than venture a friendly wager.

And to those who found it objectionable that readers nominated two separate Passyunks in the first place, here's a Curbed Cup reader comment that demonstrates some trademark Philly 'tude on the subject of neighborhood boundaries:

Passyunk Square should pull their boundry back to Dickinson St., besides, why should people living in Jefferson Square have any imput on what happens on the 15xx block of E. Passyunk?? Good luck, final four!
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