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Divine Lorraine Developer Blumenfeld Turns Cover Model

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Eric Blumenfeld, the North Broad Street developer who recently bought the Divine Lorraine, is on the cover of the Big Dream edition of his high school's most recent alumni magazine. Friends Select School*, a Quaker high school in Center City, puts out the quarterly Select News; the Fall/Winter issue's cover shows Blumenfeld standing inside the Divine Lorraine, tossing a handful of what looks like golden sawdust into the air. The inside photo shows him in one of his fancy cars.

From Select News:

"Refurbish said hotel to be a luxury apartment/restaurant complex. But don't stop there. Blumenfeld also envisions creating a new public school campus on the four acres he owns behind the hotel. Build new facilities for Masterman, the highly regarded magnet scool, and potentially three other nearby public high schools. Convince them to share new sports fields, food prep, science labs. Voila! NoBro EduHood is born." We're not sure that neighborhood name is going to catch on.

*Full disclosure: The editor of this website was not unknown to the halls of Friend Select School during the years she wore braces and failed gym class.

Divine Lorraine Hotel

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