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Curbed Awards 2012: Most Hated Philly Home of the Year

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The unusual 6,000-square-foot Latimer House between Locust and Spruce and 12th and 13th has always inspired strong feelings. Many people who pass by its bunker-like exterior don't know it's a house at all or have wondered for years about it. While there are some who see it as a design triumph, our post about it earlier this year inspired the most vicious—and metaphorical—use of invective we've yet seen on this website. · This house is that horrible man with tons of jewelry, orange tan, heavy cologne, yelling into his cell phone. He is getting attention, alright, but not the good kind. · Jesus that's a HOUSE? I always thought it was like a rec center or a suburban DMV or something.

·The exterior patio shot makes it look like a SAAB dealership. Nobody wants one of those either.

· It's as warm as a butcher house on the docks.

· Any buyer would have to tear it down and build a place where humans can live.

· I can't believe somebody actually built that thing.

· Great interior--for a commercial office building.

· [I]f a family were to move here, when their kids behave badly in school (as kids eventually do) and their teachers inevitably ask the age-old question, "What, do you live in a barn?" they can honestly answer: "Yes, I live in a modern, open-plan, explosed-steel-beam, granite-clad, thumbing-its-nose-as its-neighbors, hipper-than-thou, pretentious-as-sin barn!"

· As Ferris Bueller said about his friend Cameron's house, "The place is like a museum. It's very beautiful, and very cold, and you're not allowed to touch anything."

· Here's hopping they choke on this ugly building.

The house was for sale for $6.2 million but is no longer on the market.
· Philadelphia's Most Expensive House [CPHI]