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"I am the architect and the owner of this house. I appreiate your interest in architecture-- liking or disliking it is not the point. I come from Europe and I decided to live in my own movie, build with the stong desire to experience life in space not in rooms which is what I promoted when I was teaching architecture at Penn. It is a house developed around a courtyard, not exactelly the American prototype. The house was published in numerous international Architecture magazines and several movies were made inside. As an architect we build for others; rarelly we have a chance to express our own understanding of space. I am delighted that it created so many points of view. It means that architecture is not yet dead even if I did not built a breackfast nook. The house is not for sale anymore for personal reason. Please feel free to comment and do study architecture. It is a most wonderful creative and inovative field." —Ligia Rave', PhD Henry Luce Professor of Architecture [Curbed Awards 2012: Most Hated Philly Home of the Year]

Latimer House

1224 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107