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Introducing Racked Philly: Shopping and Fashion Intelligence

Philly's shopping and retail scene is so rich, so diverse, so on-the-brink-of-something-fantastic, that we almost feel like we're keeping a secret—and we are terrible at keeping secrets. So, today, we're pleased to introduce a new member of our family of Philly websites: meet Racked Philly. The site will tell you about the very best sales, the newest under-the-radar designers, and the latest retailers to scoop up space on Walnut Street.

For those who've been following our Racked Philly coverage here on Curbed Philly, expect more—much more—of the same on the new site. Notice a new boutique in your 'hood? Racked Philly wants to hear about it. Spot a Standard Poodle in the bathroom at the Rittenhouse Barnes and Noble? Take a photo (we wish we had!). From the straightforward to the wacky, Racked Philly want to hear from you.

Don't delay. Check out Racked Philly right now. >>