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178 West Huntingdon: The Most Ambitious Rentals in Philly?

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Curbed reader/Tweeter Harrison H. wonders if the rental units coming next summer at 178 W. Huntingdon Avenue aren't a little ambitious, as he put it. "That's far north, for the hipster set." Well, Harrison, the listing will have you know that the decision to put a hipster building there was not made in a vacuum: Philadelphia Fishtown/ Northern Liberties community has spoken and we are bringing to the community exactly what you have asked for! High end living for less! Well, you're at least bringing it to the Kensington community. However, because Philadelphia is never satisfied to be Philadelphia, the apartments are described as New York loft-style apartments. If 178 W. Huntingdon were as safe as Mayor Bloomberg's New York, this rental would be a bit less "ambitious."

The 40,205-square-foot former clothing factory was on the market for $350,000 and was listed AS IS. It's now owned by Yedid Realty of Brooklyn, whose office is employing some excellent BrokerBabble, including "Brand New Amenities" (the "old" amenities would have been free air conditioning through broken windows and a low electric bill), and "designer paint throughout."

Spaces start at 750 square feet, and prices start at $750 per month.
· Listing: 178 West Huntingdon [Magella Real Estate/Craigslist]