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Comment of the Day: Philly Is Philly

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"I am so sick of hearing about Philadelphia becoming 'New Yorkified'. Philly is Philly--that is why many of us 'love' it. 4-story buildings, a city on ahuman scale.. Apparently the land is gold & therefore,a 4-story building is not a money-maker--a 30-story skyscraper is becoming the 'norm', rather than the lovely 4/5 story buildings, which make Philly, to myself & many others, so appealing. During the past 8 years I have noticed so much change, (not for the better) seems as if all the publicity & chit chat about Philly has encouraged many to 'discover' (or re-discover the once lovely city). We don't need another New York, I, for one, am trying to get the hell away from NYC."—neleh [178 West Huntingdon: The Most Ambitious Rentals in Philly?]