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Former Old City Smoke Shop for Rent, Brunettes Welcome

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Harry's Smoke Shop opened at 15 N. Third Street—right off little Church Street, and half a block down from Market—in 1938. But times change. Neighborhoods shift and businesses have to adapt. So a few years ago the cigar shop and smoke room packed up its things and made a break for it—to 14 N. Third Street.

"Yeah, they're just across the street now," says their sixtyish former landlord Victor Gordon. He's standing outside 15 N. Third, which still bears Harry's old signage. "There were...problems." Gordon doesn't have a chance to elaborate because his cell phone rings. A man can be heard on the other end. There's a brief exchange about women, including Gordon's admission that he doesn't really go for blondes. When he hangs up, Gordon explains that it was his his son-in-law, who's on a quest to fix him up with a nice lady.

Back to the building, which was erected sometime in the 1800s. The space for rent is between 800 and 900 square feet and rent is $1,650. Zoning is strictly commercial. Gordon hasn't listed the space because he doesn't do that online stuff. But if anyone is interested, his number is 215-923-3825. Nice brunette ladies especially welcome.