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Home Sweet Holme Sweet Holmesburg and Etc.

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Recently, Neast Philly had a post about a beautification project in Holme Circle. But how can you judge a beautification project if you don't know what the area looks like? The Northeast remains a cipher to many Philadelphians, but Neast Philly editor Shannon McDonald explains that Holme Circle is a large neighborhood nestled between Holmesburg and the Far Northeast. "It's divided into smaller pockets like Winchester Park and Ashton, both of which have their own identities," McDonald says, "but the whole neighborhood is grounded in the [traffic] circle, which connects the pockets and carries traffic to and from the Boulevard and I-95."
The abrupt closure of the Holme Avenue Bridge brought the Holme Circle neighborhood closer together and animated the Holme Circle Civic Association (HCCA), which has grown. "The circle beautification project is the first real improvement project the HCCA has taken on," says McDonald, who promises to keep us—and Neast Philly readers—up to date.

She may also want to update Holme Circle's Wikipedia page, which features the following strange and depressing information:

Johnny's Barber Shop for Guys and Dolls operated in the 2900 Block of Holme Avenue, where identical twin brothers Johnny and Hughie McCullough cut hair and engaged in lively conversations with their customers for 30 years. ... Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz is a current resident of Holme Circle. He resides on Stamford Street off of Axe Factory. There is also a creepy lady who sits in the dunkin donuts who loves to follow a group of girls around.

Perhaps this was written by one of the same people who claims the Northeast "doesn't really count" when you talk about Philly; tell that to the Census. Or tell it to the residents of Sandyford Park, Academy Gardens, Fox Chase, Tacony, Oxford Circle, Bell's Corner, Burholme, Castor Gardens, Frankford, Lawncrest, Lawndale, Lexington Park, Mayfair, Walton Park, Modena, Crestmont Farms, Morrell Park, Normandy, Northwood, Parkwood, Byberry, Pennypack, Rhawnhurst, Pine Valley, Somerton, Torresdale, Upper Holmesburg, Bustleton, Wissinoming and ... are we forgetting anyone?

Finally, it must be said that Holmesburg is sort of the it-girl of the moment in terms of urban ruins. The photos of the Holmesburg Prison currently on display at Moore College of Art prove the point.