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Get Off the Grid and Never Talk to Anyone Again!

If you've ever watched One Man's Wilderness with Richard Proenneke, you'll recall that he fled civilization, went to Alaska and built a flawless log cabin while speaking in a strange Midwestern lilt for a camera. (Proenneke left Alaska eventually, and now lives on WHYY.) You can do the same if you have the right tools.

Here's your off-the-grid guide, courtesy Craigslist.

Get an old vehicle to travel in, like Allie, an air-cooled 1980 Westy Deluxe:

Find a strange and mysterious off-the-grid-ish house:

Get yourself lots of old tools.

Make sure you have tobacco supplies, so life goes quickly. Cigar molds, for instance, and a spittoon:

Sew your own clothes so you never have to shop:

Keep warm with a cast iron stove

...or the whiskey you make in your copper still:

And when the years have their way with you, prepare your final resting place: