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Wynnewood House to Next Owner: "I'm Kind of Over Rugs."

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This 1956 two-story stone colonial on a lovely tree-lined road has four bedrooms, a heated driveway and garage, and a back staircase leading to a suite that can be used by your in-laws. But tell them to leave the rugs at home, for if we know anything about this house, listed at $775,000, it's that decorating the walls with rugs doesn't add anything to the aesthetics. Nor does putting two rugs in the entryway, plunking a square Marimekko-lite rug in the bedroom or placing a large, plush Oriental beneath the spindly figure of your mid-century modern dining room set. And don't think that little area rug under the desk in the libraryish helps matters much because it doesn't. Of course, the less we say about the plaques of industrial carpet under multiple office chairs, the better. The classic furniture is crying out for complementary splashes of color, some bold accents to make it feel less Danish. Even the metal filing cabinets are whispering, "Help me. I look bland." This is 3,760 square feet on the Main Line with pastoral beauty outside (and a Bed, Bath and Beyond right around the corner). Whoever buys it next could get creative.

· Listing: 118 Cherry Lane, Wynnewood, PA [Zillow]