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"Selling New York" Guest Star Would Rather Be in Philadelphia

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This woman LOVES Philadelphia.

Last week our sister site Curbed NY offered a recap of the always dramatic Selling New York, a reality show on HGTV about "real estate brokers in the country's most competitive market." It's all about swimming with sharks and dogs eating dogs and other animal metaphors we can't think of right now. Sometimes the agents get a wee bit frustrated with their clients, in the same way the salespeople do on Say Yes to the Dress—which is to say you sense that their heads might explode, except it would screw up their eyeliner (that goes for the men, too).

In one recent episode, CORE broker Tom Postilio works with artist Pearl Mintzer and her husband Chuck on a staging issue so they can more easily sell their penthouse at 135 West 58th Street, which they've priced at about 3.5 million (oh, is that all?). After some reality-show drama, the price gets dropped to 2.4 million, and the Mintzers move.

But is any of that important? No. What's important is this: THEY LEAVE NEW YORK TO MOVE TO PHILADELPHIA. And here's the kicker: Pearl wrote to us today to tell us that they absolutely LOVE Philly. Yes, she used all-caps!

They now live at the Aria at 1425 Locust, and their taxes and maintenance for one year equal the taxes and maintenance they paid for one month in New York. "Our beautiful new apartment on a very high floor has 360-degree views and concierge services," Pearl says via email. "It's very loftlike with huge rooms and high ceilings. In New York City, this apartment would have sold for over $5 million."

The Aria has really impressed Mintzer, owner of Art for Interiors, who decorated the entire apartment online after closing in mid-November and going to Buenos Aires for half of December. "Since the building has wonderful concierge services," Mintzer writes, "everything was in the apartment when we returned."

She ends by saying, "We LOVE Philly. It’s easier, cleaner and way cheaper than NYC."

Such sweet, sweet words. And we LOVE you, Pearl. Welcome home.

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