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Garces; Russet; Espresso; Sex—Eater Philly Has It All

This week's top dish from Eater Philly, Curbed's restaurant and food blog ...

Q&AJose Garces addresses rumors about Frohman's Wursthaus on South 13th Street, what's up at Seventh and Chestnut and why he's "definitely Philly."
CENTER CITY—That tricky spot, 1521 Spruce Street, goes rustic with the opening of Russet. Eater's got the deets.
GAYBORHOOD—"Coffee temple" Odd Fellows Cafe opened at 12th and Spruce, and Eater Philly spoke with the folks in charge. Apparently, they've invested in "the Lamborghini of espresso machines." Cool beans.
SEXYTIME—Who's the hottest chef in Philly? Yes, they're human beings, not buildings, but they can still be sexy. Vote.