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No More Christmas Trees in Front of Eastern State?

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Since 1983, near holiday time (yeah, that's right, we said "holiday"; we're part of the whole war-on-Christmas thing), Eastern State Penitentiary has been a reliable if unlikely spot to buy a, uh, holiday tree (could be a Hanukkah bush, you never know). Now someone who says they're a family member of the business owner claims Eastern State has asked them to stop peddling trees there. Here's the comment from reddit philadelphia:

My parents started [the stand] at the parking lot on 22nd and Fairmount nearly 29 years ago. After a few years, they moved in front of the Prison where we have been since. This is of course until today, when my dad called to tell me that Eastern State doesn't enjoy our presence anymore, and that we're no longer invited back We called Eastern State to get comment and are waiting to hear back. We know a lot of people made buying a tree at that spot a family tradition, but perhaps it was compromising business at the Pen. We'll keep you posted.

Eastern State Penitentiary

2027 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130