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Thank God for SugarHouse Casino and Its Depressing People

Tyler grad Mat Tomezsko opened his new show at last night, and we doubt anyone from the SugarHouse gang (not to be confused with the SugarHill Gang) was in attendance. Tomezsko has been inspired by the casino and the impact it's had on the Fishtown neighborhood, but you get the sense from him work that people aren't hitting the jackpot as often as they'd like. You can see his somber but beautiful work now through March 4th at the Archive Space at Crane Arts.

This isn't the first time Tomezsko has taken Philadelphians as his subjects. He collaborated with the Mural Arts Program on a series in Manayunk called “Look Long and Look Good.” Our favorite portrait in the massive 32-painting project is this one—the urban fisherman (of whom there are many in Philly) on his way to get a catch or on his way home without one. We suppose your interpretation depends on what kind of person you are: cooler half-empty or half-full?