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Drum Roll, Please ... and the Answer Is 16th and Arch!

Cornerspotter is a Curbed Philly feature in which we show you a historical photo of the city and you tell us where the photo was taken. The prize? Your name here along with our promise to spot you for a soft pretzel. Send your guesses to our tipline:

Yes, my dear Cornerspotting friends, the above photo was taken in 1917 at 16th and Arch streets. You see the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in the distance—a timely reference, we thought, for those who mourn Cardinal Bevilacqua. Many people wrote in with terrific guesses, but the quickest on the draw was a city planner named Shawn Rairigh. This guy has serious I-love-Philly cred. Not only did he give tours at Independence National Park as a weekend volunteer, he resigned in protest when the Park Service "secured" Independence Hall by closing off Chestnut Street—"preventing the public from walking up to the building for the first time in its 270-plus years," Rairigh says.

Thanks to everyone who played, and remember, you have to play to win, or whatever it is they say. So come back again next week!