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Sleek Powelton Village Bathrooms Go for Less Than $300,000

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Someone got lucky a few days ago. This three-story four-bedroom townhouse is in a quiet neighborhood close to Drexel, and given Drexel's plans for world domination, it's definitely a good investment. The bathrooms are so attractive, we suggest not cluttering them up with students whose heads wind up in the toilet after a particularly hard night of partying. So maybe rent to Mormons?

The details:
Size: 1,977 square feet; wide property at 18x63; four beds and three baths.
Powelton perks: high ceilings; original woodwork and staircase; hardwood floors.
See the light: living room has 10-foot-high floor to ceiling windows; enclosed sun room; southern exposure
Sell price: $298,888