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Man Those Battle Stations: Point Breeze Meeting Smackdown

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There are two meetings this week that concern development in Point Breeze, a hot-button issue that's caused incredible tension and divided neighbors along racial lines. It's not an unfamiliar dynamic in Philadelphia, but it seems so finely distilled in the instance of Point Breeze, you could use it as a case study. The question is, what would you be studying: challenges to progress or gentrification? Depends on whom you ask.

What: Meeting of Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze
When: Tuesday, Feb. 14, 6-8pm
Where: St. Simon Church, 1402 S. 22nd St. (22nd and Reed sts.)
Why: New zoning vote regarding proposed condominium at Point Breeze and Titan

What: Zoning Board of Adjustments Hearing
When: Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 2pm
Where: 1515 Arch St., 18th Floor
Why: Appeal for permit for creation of three-story building that will have 13 residences and commercial space on the ground floor.

We put a call in to the Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze and are waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, for the other point of view, check out the Philadelphia Speaks thread on the subject. We'd recommend dipping in around here if you're interested in the two meetings.