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Haven't Had Time to Reproduce? Now Is the Time, Friends

This Bella Vista four-bedroom townhouse is perfect for raising kids. First of all, it's in the Meredith Elementary catchment so the "ohmigodwherecanisendhim/ hertoschool" hysteria can be quelled before the first ultrasound. Secondly, it's got multiple chalkboards for your gifted (of course), creative (natch), singularly brilliant (sans doute) child to draw all over the place. And thirdly, the child's quarters are delightfully quirky and lead to—of all things—a pilot house. Size: Three stories, four bedrooms, two baths, multitiered roof deck
Price: $415,000
Downton Abbey bonus: English patio garden
· Listing: 745 Clymer St. [Mike McCann]