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Architizer Blogger Elegizes Philadelphia Navy Yard

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The national blog Architizer is a tool that allows architects to connect with each other and present projects they've been working on. But it's also a consistently engaging mashup of architecture and design news. A couple days ago, the site featured Philadelphia's Navy Yard, waxing rather poetic about "a neighborhood frozen in time" that's "soon to be razed" by the development plans for the area. The piece compares the Yard to other waterfront development projects (Baltimore, New York) and discusses the challenges to this one—pedestrian access chief among them.

The piece, by Philadelphia-based Luke Barley, is accompanied by some of that ruin porn we love so much. It made us think about the urban explorers who have hit the Navy Yard over the years, legally and maybe not so legally. We put a small gallery together. If any photographers have more shots they'd like to share of the Navy Yard, send 'em along:

Soon to be Razed, a Philadelphia Neighborhood Frozen in Time [Architizer]