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ISO Person Who's 420-Friendly, Drinks and Can Be Unreliable

This is the best group-house ad we've read in a long time. The guy above on the left is the owner of the house, and in the photo he's saying, "Come on, man. Are you telling me you don't have a bike? I don't even believe that." On the right, is a room in the house, which is the most laid-back situation you can imagine: no security deposit, month-to-month, you can bring your cat and leave whenever. Putting pragmatics aside, this ad should be read by anyone who thinks pot-smoking, West Philly twentysomething musicians are irresponsible laggards.

Statement 1:
We're clean, responsible and take pride in the house we live in. I am a live in landlord, so if you've got any problems, I know this house top to bottom. I've completed a lot projects and will continue to do so. If you've got a project for your room like painting or putting a shelf on the wall, my answer will be yes before even hearing the details. Statement 2:
As far as the people, we are creative appreciative. If you're familiar with west philly living, you'll generally get what I mean. 9 out of 10 people who have lived here are musicians or artists and or people who appreciate these things. we're about half and half smokers and we participate in inebriation. ... Living here is very enjoyable. Extras 1:
I've got a studio in the basement. I've got a slew of musical instruments and the ability to record them. Its quite fancy. Collectively, we've probably got 15 guitars, 5 basses, 3 drum sets, and plenty of other unmentionables [Ed. note: lingerie? Sex toys?] Extras 2:
The front room ... houses my Steinway upright piano from 1917, bikes, a record player and other odds and ends, but most of all, its open to dancing. Extras 3/observation made while stoned:
The middle room has a 52" HDTV with cable, PS3, instant netflix, surround sound, two newer couches, a coffee table, ottomans and a recliner. Whats the deal with the ottoman empire? What is this an entire empire based on putting your feet up? Bottom line: "If you feel like you fit the mold of living with respectful, clean 20 somethings, you should definitely check out this spot."

· Listing: 50th and Springfield [Craigslist]