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Isolated Man Cave Barroom in Central Downtown West Chester

This house in West Chester is at the top of a hill at the end of a long driveway behind a locked iron gate. It's one of those places you drive by in your plebeian Subaru and think, "I wonder if they go hunting and have lots of beagles." Normally, these places aren't centrally located. But if you listen to the brokerspeak below, this estate is practically Times Square:

One block outside the borough of beautiful downtown West Chester. Live within everything that Downtown West Chester has to offer without sacrificing privacy and space! Its less then a mile walk to get to downtown west chester (about 13 minutes to be exact). A home built in 2003 located a stones throw away from the edge of Everheart Park on W. Miner Street. Home is conveniently placed on 3/4 of an acre with a fenced in property and several large trees bordering the property line offering complete privacy! Sic, by the way.

Whoever wrote the ad offers some strange selling points, including "new shag carpet." Best of all, though, is the "fully finished basement with a custom oak bar done with brick walls and slate floring resembling an Irish style pub." Dogs Playing Poker poster not included.

· Listing: W. Miner Street at W. Miner St and Bradford Ave. [craigslist]