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Shanghai Bazaar for Sale Again, This Time for $3.5 Million

Make sure to visit Shanghai Bazaar if you haven't done so already because the building is back on the market. The Bazaar is a mini mall with home decorations, jewelry, instruments, shoes, lamps, furniture, clothing, an upstairs with books and DVDs—and much more. It was opened in 2005 by bookstore owner Fei-hong "Lily" Song so she could feature some of the merchandise China was producing—not just the mass-marketed trinkets tourists were accustomed to seeing in Chinatown, but quality items. Song has put the building up for sale before and then taken it down, but now it's a little cheaper: $3.5 million instead of $3.8. That price is for the building and land only, but the inventory—that glorious inventory—is for sale as well.

· Listing: 1016-1018 Race St. [Coldwell Banker Preferred]