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They Don't Generally Have Scalpers for This Kind of Thing, So...

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Our friends at Next American City tell us tonight's forum "Reimagining Urban Highways" about highway removal projects and our beloved I-95 has sold out. But you know how these things are—there are always people who don't show up, so if you really, really want to explore highway mitigation in a room with 400 other human beings, you could go and see if you can get in. Otherwise, the livestream will be available here beginning at 6:30pm.

The final speakers list is as follows:
Aaron Naparstek (moderator), Loeb Fellow, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University; Streetsblog
Ashwin Balakrishnan, Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance
Thomas Deller, Director of Planning + Development, City of Providence, Rhode Island
Diana Lind, Next American City
Peter Park, Loeb Fellow, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
Andrew Stober, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities, City of Philadelphia

There will also be a video of the event posted on Next American City's website in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, to get you in the mood for tonight, check out Inga Saffron's Inquirer piece about I-95 and this event.