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Note to Selves: Apparently, Music Journalism Pays Quite Well

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A top Living story at Philadelphia Style is a feature on an interior done by well-known Philly designer Meg Rodgers. The apartment is described as a "three-bedroom corner unit with tall ceilings and enviable views of Rittenhouse Square, a modern space at a choice Center City high-rise with amenities like a pool, parking, and a pet-friendly atmosphere." That's like a blind item, for god's sake. Which apartment has been canoodling with which interior decorator ... ?

The client in the article is described as a "music journalist"—is there an alternate universe we should know about? Do scruffy-haired beer drinkers in Converse lowtops who lord their wristbands over the hoi poloi at SXSW actually live in high-rises on Rittenhouse Square? Tell us, music journalists, and send photos of your homes so we can verify.

· Interiors: High-Rise Eastern Elegance [Philadelphia Style]