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A True Gem: We're Enchanted By This Creative Mosaic House

The photos speak for themselves. The owners of this $348,999 three-bedroom house, a couple, did the mosaics many years ago, and like Isaiah Zagar's work, they've stood the test of time. The life that's been lived in this house has been one of creativity (he's a musician; she's a renaissance woman) and generosity. They consistently opened their home to international students and fostered their success. He's been a busker in Philadelphia and has been a spokesperson, of sorts, for the viability and pleasures of the busking lifestyle. And they've both been supportive of progressive causes. We don't know the couple personally, but we'd say if you're a died-in-the-wool Santorum supporter, the vibes might be off. There's an open house on Sunday from noon to 1. So check it out.

· Listing: 786 N. Taney St. [Prudential Fox & Roach]