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Nerd Scalpers; Burlesque in Lynch Land; Post-Demo Delay

GIRARD AVE.—Last week's urban planning forum about I-95 (which got a shout-out at Better! Cities & Towns) was sold out, so we suggested scalpers start specializing in urban planning events. The world laughed. Today we feel vindicated: Next American City's Storefront for Urban Innovation event tomorrow night is sold out (though it's free). It's a pretty cool event, though, so you might as well try. Nerd scalpers may well be jumping on the bandwagon. UPDATE: Organizers say people interested in attending are encouraged to walk by and stop in. [Next American City]
WEST PHILLY—Last year, after the terrible fire at the Windermere Apartments at 48th and Walnut, residents were denied access to get their animals and their belongings. It was a mess. Today a pet sitter writes to her neighbors: "Today marks 1 year since the Windermere Apartment demolition began. Remember how it was SO IMPORTANT that this be done immediately? Went by there last night, an empty weed-strewn lot. Follow the money." [Curbed Inbox]
ERASERHOOD—When Moore College of Art & Design expelled Secret Cinema, SC's Jay Schwartz and his many fans wondered where the rep film series would end up. One interesting spot? The renewed Trestle Inn in the Loft District. Appropriately, the showing will be of some vintage girlie shorts and the film Girl on the Run, a 1950s noirish thriller set in the burlesque world. All in 16mm, of course. [Curbed Inbox]