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Graf Paper Edition: Hotel Art, Vandalism, School Project, Yarn

FRANCE—You know how people call the area around Sofitel the French Quarter? (No, seriously, they do.) Well, we'd like to see the Sofitel make the above happen as soon as possible. The Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France has one room decked out in half-graffiti and half-blank canvas by famed street artist Tilt. It might be a little too trippy if you have jet lag, but the room is otherwise gorgeous to look at. Given that Philly is where graffiti was born, Sofitel, c'est your move. [Colossal]
MAYFAIR—Speaking of places that are just like Paris, Mayfair continues to struggle with graffiti—but not the good kind. Two dozen cars have been tagged since a nighttime vandalism spree began. Now the Mayfair Town Watch is asking for help from neighbors. Somebody knows something, a police captain told them. “We’re asking for someone to come forward and give us some information.” [CBS Philly]
TRADER JOE'S—No one's writing graffiti in Trader Joe's, unless you count those bubble-letter signs (does everyone there have the same handwriting?). But underneath the nearby bridge where cars idle while someone runs in to grab some fruit leather, students from the Science Leadership Academy have wheatpasted photos of themselves on the wall as part of a school project. It's a big improvement. [StreetsDept.]
ROXBOROUGH—There's a yarn bombing exhibit at a museum. Does that take away the "bombing" aspect? Discuss. [Schuylkill Center]