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Will Smith Is Living in a $7.4 Million Home in Villanova

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The good photos above—the crisp, clear ones—were taken by Drew Callaghan

A tipster writes that Will Smith is renting this lovely house in Villanova, practically on top of the troubled historic estate of Philadelphia Story fame. A fleet of moving trucks and Suburbans moved Smith & co. into the neighborhood in early January, and his neighbors were given a quiet heads up. The house is on the market for $7.4 million, and is described as having a chef's kitchen with Kountry Kraft cabinets (kabinets?), a wine cellar, bar, movie theater and gym.

Unfortunately for fans of the Fresh Prince who think he belongs in his hometown area, the move is almost certainly temporary. Smith is currently filming M. Night Shyamalan's new movie After Earth, in which son Jaden Smith plays the lead. Despite neighbors' claims of seeing Smith frequently, for most of February he's been filming in Costa Rica, from whence comes this photo (via Will's Facebook page) of a huge insect found outside of Jaden's trailer one day (sorry, we had to—gah!).

Now Smith père et fils are back in Philly with M. Night for filming at the Budd Manufacturing Facility at 2450 W. Hunting Park Avenue—the perfect spot for a film about life after an apocalypse.

No apocalypse in Villanova, though: Neighbors see cars outside the house pretty much all the time, and every light in the home is on from morning till dusk. Probably security.