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We Can't Help It—Our Hopes Are Most Definitely Up

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Here's a headline we can really get behind: "Divine Lorraine revitalization part of mayor's business plan." At today's Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Mayor Nutter said he was "actively pursuing opportunities to finally transform the Divine Lorraine." From the Metro:

Deputy Mayor for Commerce and Economic Development Alan Greenberger said it was too soon to discuss possible buyers. "There are active conversations," he said. "Because of how big it is and the floor plans, it lends itself to residential-type development. What kind, we don't know, whether it's a hotel or apartments. The question is finding someone who can do that."

He said that its restoration is definitely on the agenda for the Mayor's final four years in office. "The mayor and I are determined to get it done because, if not, it's a big, tall billboard of blight."

You noticed!

· Divine Lorraine revitalization part of mayor's business plan [Metro]

Divine Lorraine Hotel

699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123