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New Street Art; USA250 Gets Going; Take a Survey on Signage

SOUTH STREET—Paper cut-out artist and Xeric grant recipient Joe Boruchow has a new piece up on a mailbox at Third and South, in front of a, um, tobacco supply shop. The piece is called Animal Locomotion. [Curbed Inbox]
CENTER CITY—The invites have gone out for the first fundraiser of USA250, the project devoted to making Philadelphia a key mover and shaker in the country's 250th anniversary celebration in 2026. Headed by former mayoral candidate Sam Katz, USA250 is considering ideas such as hosting the Super Bowl, convening academic symposia or staging ceremonial legislative sessions in Independence Hall. The fundraiser is on March 15th at the Union League. [Curbed Inbox]
CENTER CITY—Have strong preferences about city signage? Take the Zoning Code Commission's Signage Visual Preference Survey. A working group will use your input to draft a new sign controls section of the Philadelphia Zoning Code. There will also be a facilitated session on Friday, February 17th, at 12 noon in Center City, which is RSVP-only. Reply to [Curbed Inbox]