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Lawyer vs. Lawyer and $450 Per Hour in Legal Fees

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Here's an update on what's happening with the Friends of the Barnes Foundation (FBF). As you may know, this group has been fighting the move of the Barnes Foundation from Merion, Pa., to its new Parkway location, now slated to open in June. Along the way, the FBF—whose struggle is represented, in part, in the documentary The Art of the Steal—filed a petition asking Judge Stanley Ott to reopen the case due to information they presented on alleged misconduct by District Attorney Mike Fisher.

Judge Ott declined. That was in October 2011. Since then, the FBF has been fighting the sanctions filed against them by the Barnes Foundation, which wants to be reimbursed for legal fees incurred in the course of responding to the FBF's court challenges. Such sanctions would cost the FBF roughly $60,000.

Meanwhile, the FBF continues to maintain an active Facebook page. Yesterday, the Friends' leader Evelyn Yaari posted about what the FBF perceives as a conflict of interest: "Barnes Board Vice Chair Joseph Neubauer owns a huge corporation—ARAMARK—that provides food and other service jobs for institutions. Apparently ARAMARK is going to have the Barnes as a client."

Barnes move opponents respond to sanctions in hearing [Main Line Media News]

Barnes On The Parkway

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