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Valentine's Day Special: Penthouse With Rooftop Movie Theater

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Photos by Drew Callaghan

If you get organized really quickly, you can buy this Old City condo and plan a night of serious romance, whether you're happily married or just dating. And if you haven't "gotten any" in a while, as they say, this is the kind of apartment that, at least in movies, works pretty well as an aphrodisiac.

The roof deck is a world of its own. It has a movie theater with a 6' X 10' HD projection screen and six-speaker surround sound; a gourmet outdoor kitchen, including a gas grill; amazing sunset-worthy views; and the flexibility for you to play Rockband while your lady relaxes in the hot tub. Inside the apartment, there's some nice stuff too—2,250 square feet and fireplaces and hardwood floors and blah blah blah—but who cares? You'll never want to leave the roof.
· Listing: 241-43 Chestnut St. [Long & Foster]